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When you want to experience more from your movies and music, the SDS-10 steps up to deliver peak power output of 500W using a 10" custom Sunfire driver that is mated to a 10" down-firing radiator. Twice the woofers for twice the bass! The SDS-10 incorporates Sunfire's wide-band, energy efficient Class D amplifier and produces twice the output of its smaller sibling - while only consuming a half a watt in standby.

Sunfire's exclusive FFDTM technology results in superior fidelity, higher output and with lower distortion than the competition.Design Woofer 10" Front firing active woofer, down firing passive radiator Amplifier Power Output 250W RMS / 500W Peak Soft Clipping Circuitry Features Auto Turn-On Level Control Crossover Adjustment 30-150Hz inf. var. Crossover Bypass Phase Adjustment 0-180째 inf. var. Connections Inputs RCA Inputs/Outputs Gold Plated Connections Detachable Power Cord Miscellaneous Finish Black Ash Finish Black Grille.

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